Wednesday with RONDA… Ronda Berryhill brings a great perspective in working with buyers and sellers – having bought & sold herself 100 x times and relocating. She understands the market and what you need in an agent. Her knowledge continues to grow with real life experiences – and she is best known for FUN. However, do not let that fool you – she has many designations after her name. Enjoy reading her advice every Wednesday.


Spring is approaching quickly and many people are considering putting their property “on the market” for sale, often due to a life change of some type.  Where to begin? How do you choose a Realtor to market your home?

Last week we ended with # 10 —  here is a few more questions to consider.

11. What will my home look like in the advertising?  Will I have a laminated flyer and box on my realtor sign so people driving by can pick one up and read about my home and see pictures?  Will I have a video? 

 12. How often will you have a brokers tour or Open Houses? 

 13. What advertising plan do you feel will work for my home?  What customers are the “target” demographic for my home? What type of internet marketing will my home have?

14. How and when will the property be exposed to other agents? 

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