Posts below are common for Diane – she enjoys her kitchen & cooks for those that she cares about the most. Her office family at Stutesman’s agree she is a great cook!

Katie loved her apple & cherry bite treats that
Diane Earll made from scratch …

Diane loves to try new recipes… She  came across this recipe from a site on Facebook. Her family certainly does not mind tasting her new creations.

 Apple / Cherry Pie Bites – 2 cans of Crescent roll dough,1 large can of pie filling (pick your favorite  apple & cherry) Cinnamon and sugar mix, Pam cooking Spray, Muffin pan.

Spray your muffin pan with cooking spray, Roll out the crescent dough and form fit into the muffin pan with edges hanging out on top. Place a couple spoon full of pie filling inside and fold over the edges (like folding a diaper) Sprinkle top with cinnamon sugar mixture (if using apple filling) 

Then bake at 350 for about 10-12 minutes or until lightly golden. Hope you enjoy!

Diane Earll –