Wednesday with RONDA… Ronda Berryhill brings a great perspective in working with buyers and sellers – having bought & sold, relocated as well as Building homes. She understands the market and what you need in an agent. Her knowledge continues to grow with real life experiences but don’t let that fool you – she has many designations after her name. She is at a lot of fun but she is well educated.

How do you choose a Realtor to market your home?


Last  we ended with # 14. How and when will the property be exposed to other agents?  As we continue examining How do you choose a Realtor to market your home we begin today with a great question you should always ask.


15.  Are you going to help me get my home ready for the market?

There are Realtors that will walk over and through the property and will make suggestions that might help make your home or business more marketable, help it sell faster.   Curb Appeal, Clean inside and out, No clutter, No cobwebs, clean access to front door, well maintained yard, and more.  Some Realtors have resources they can direct you to for assistance with these items.

16.  What will you do to keep me informed?  Who do you want the Realtor to contact?  What method of contact do you want the Realtor to use?  Phone, cell phone e-mail or text,…? How often do you want the Realtor to contact you? Do you want to receive reports?

 17. How do we arrive at a list price?  Do I get to have input in pricing my home? 

Things to Remember;

  • Don’t go with the YES man who promises a high price just to get your listing; letting your home sit on the market for overly long.
  • Do have the Realtor justify the price with comparable market values and reports.
  • Don’t go with a Realtor that prices artificially low so it will sell fast and leave your money on the table.

It’s OK to ask questions – in fact lots of questions – makes you a more informed consumer.